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SuperMono update

Started by khking, 09/08/2006 04:59AM
Posted 09/08/2006 04:59AM Opening Post
Good day Markus, Well I'm back to continue to hound you on where the latest production of the Monos stands. How are the 12mm & 14mm doing? Thanks.
Posted 09/09/2006 05:52PM #1
Markus posted several times they were halting all production so "buy now", arent they gone for good?
Posted 09/11/2006 03:06AM #2
Hello Friends

after a very raining august we got back the summer with great blue sky and many sun, so I made in the day time my main job and took off the afternoon from work to observe sun and in evening to watch the partiel Mooneclipse and play with telescopes and have a barbeque and drinks in the evening and did not went through all the internet places to see where I am in dept of a reply .

So please allow me the little delay in reply.

Mono Status: We have enough Monos of all focallenghtes under delayed backorder to fullfill all reservations and preorders, do not worry.

The 12,14, and 16 have been delayed since early this year so some company intern reasons at the manufactor side.

The last time I talked with them in early august, the forecase was a delivery for end of this month september for all focallengthes. Its a promisse , not a guarantee .

When the contracted Mono's are fully sold and we still see a need , we can order more in future , but for higher price, because the price depends on the ordered total quantity.

I have so many customers on my backorder list, that I simply cannot take every 1 or 2 weeks 1 or 2 days off to send a mail info about the status.

Everybody on my list will get his mono's, when I have them in my hands, I contact you, than you can say , yes I still want them , or no , do not need them anymore

I hope thats ok for everybody

wish you all the same blue clear sky as I have at moment :-) ,


clear skies

Markus Ludes
Posted 10/01/2006 12:10PM #3
hello All,

we got a new update about the Super Mono eyepiece delivery this week and for those who are under hurry to get them, it does not look such good.

Let me pread or exoplain the old and now new situation.

We have a big Contract with Berliner Glas in Berlin for such eyepieces.Many parts have been made in door , but some also outsourced .

The recend delay we have is, that due our super strong requirements on cosmetic and quality of the Super Multicoating about 50% of the glas lenses has been not good enough for assembling as a eyepiece. Thereoftre we got this year from the remind quantity of the contract much less then we wanted.

New lenses have had to be polished to replace the bad coated once and to be able to fullfill the contract.

This week I got a new testing plate of a new multicoating and new transmission curved from a company which looks very promissing that they can do the required super high quality coating on such small lenses.

In Trade Berliner Glas informed me the promissed delivery of end of september, earl< october have been post phoned again backwards, at moment with no fixed date.

So what is fixed is the remind quality , Berliner Glas will deliver us and thats enough to fullfill from my side all excisting backorders.
Some focallengthes are fully sold out , if we must make more of the sold out, we need to ask higher prices.

So the situation for those of you who has a backorder running with me, and thats are a lot of you , will get here eyepiece later , but you will get it. If you want to canle your backorder due this message , drop me a email, it okay and no problem.

So if you want your backordered Mono , even somewhat later , fine, do no nothing, I have all of you on my list.

I am sorry for this not best news , but at least such good news, that you know now again a bit about the reason for the delay and that you get your Super Mono for shure, if you wait till we have them ready for shipping

best wishes

Markus Ludes

clear skies

Markus Ludes