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Takahashi Collimating Scope

Started by Nemo, 05/29/2005 12:10AM
Posted 05/29/2005 12:10AM Opening Post
After talking to Thomas Back on the phone I purchased the Tektronix
(SP) kit with the Cheshire eyepiece. It worked just fine although
with my eyesight and glasses I found it a bit hard to clearly see
what I needed to in the tiny hole of the eyepiece. Thomas had also
mentioned that the Takahashi collimating scope was available but said
given its expense unless one is in the business of collimating
telescopes it would be hard to justify buying it. Thomas was right in
all respects but given my perfectionists obsessive personality and
visual problems I recently bought the Takahashi Collimating scope.
All I can say is wow what a difference. Do not get me wrong the
Tektronix Cheshire worked just fine but when you compare it to the
Tak in my opinion there is no contest. The Tak actually magnifies
the image making it at least for me easier to see. What I really
liked was the way the Tak can be moved front to back rather than
turning the focuser on the scope. What this does is keep the light
going into the eyepiece in the same position. One of the problems
that I had to contend with was as I moved my focuser back and forth
it altered the light coming into the 45 degree opening of the
Cheshire which in turn if I was not careful would change the image.I
was using a stationary lamp indoors. The Tak also has a piece of
white frosted type glass over the opening for the light which serves
to diffuse the incoming light giving one a more consistent image.The
build quality was typical Takahashi. I should add that the scope I am
using it on is a TMB 115 CNC model. This is a poor description and
should not be taken to literally as I am a novice in this. Just
wanted to say that if any of you folks have ever considered buying
this particular instrument I found it at least in my case well worth
the money.Thank you Thomas for telling me about this device.
-I neglected to add that when using the Tak Collimator on scopes that are not of Takahashi manufacture that you need an adapter for the focuser.Brad Dillingham was kind enough to sell me a two inch adapter that the Tak Collimator screws into. Brad custom makes these at a very reasonable price and his workmanship is top notch.

Respectfully Submitted,
Danny Halstead

Danny Halstead
Moderator APM Forum