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TMB 100/800 Binoviewer Question

Started by Owen Chin, 06/09/2002 08:44AM
Posted 06/09/2002 08:44AM Opening Post
Hi all,
I have a BW Optics binoviewer with both the 2" and 1.25" barrel adapter. With the 2' barrel in my 2' diagonal, I run out of focus travel with my extension tube removed on most EP sets.
I only need perhaps 1/2" more travel. I am now cosidering a 1.25 diagonal to pick up the additional travel and was considering either the Intes 1.25 diagonal or spending the premium for either the new TV 1.25 Everbright, or the Deluxe Intes. Anyone with an informed opinion on those diagonals or any other suggestions?

Thanks, Owen
Posted 06/10/2002 03:06PM #1
If this is a CNC tube 100/8, I read once that Markus Ludes makes a low profile 3"->2" adapter which could gain you some of this space.