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TMB 150 f8 Achro

Started by Steve Stonehill, 12/08/2005 06:11PM
Posted 12/08/2005 06:11PM | Edited 12/08/2005 06:29PM Opening Post
Hi Gang,

Is anyone out there using one of these scopes? I have a Vixen 102EDSS and recently received a Tak FS102 and am contemplating selling the Vixen. Do you think the Tak and the TMB achro would compliment each other? I'd like some opinions about this particular scope. The 6" apo is out of reach for now and I'm not a big fan of Newts or Cats even though they can have excellent optics.

Posted 12/09/2005 12:42PM #1
It might be easier for someone to help you on this if they knew more about you viewing preferences. Beyond that the build quality of the APM Achro's is said to be outstanding with the optics superior to the Chinese I know little else about it. I will say that if I were in your position and wanted two scopes for maximum viewing flexibility I would probably not want two refractors with the similar or same F ratio as is not the Takahashi you have also close to F/8 which is what the Achro is? Also a greater range in aperture might be beneficial and financially possible in some other telescope design. Hopefully some one with the type of scope you are talking about will read your request and chip in.

Danny Halstead
Moderator APM Forum
Posted 12/10/2005 08:45AM #2
If you already own a Tak FS102 and are happy with it why would you want to go with an Achromat in the first place. The color error and lack of contrast are going to be first things your going to pick out over the Takahashi scope. If you cnanot afford a larger APO and I take it your not into imaging why don't you go for a Newt such as one of the Starmaster dobs with the Zambutto mirror I think you might be surprised how well one of the larger dobs work.

Here are some links to consider

This is what a larger Apo is really good for.

Have fun

Dwight L Bogan