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TMB 6" Achro? Vaporware? Review? What's up

Started by g1957, 04/02/2003 05:41AM
Posted 04/02/2003 05:41AM Opening Post
What ever happened to the 6" Achro that was supposed to be released already. Many of us are waiting for reviews on this scope to see if it's worth buying. Markus tell us what's up.
Posted 04/02/2003 09:31AM #1
1 pc is in UK, 1 pc is in Portugal, 1 pc is in Poland, 1 pc is in austris, 2 pc is in USA

1 pc going this week to USA
1 pc going this week to Sweden

next 2 weeks
4 more piece going to USA
3 pc going to german customers
1 pc going to UK

It took 1 year time and selling around 150~200 pc TMB apos, before we saw the first reviews, what do you expect from sales of around 10 pc ?

best wishes


clear skies

Markus Ludes