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Started by Nemo, 10/08/2004 03:00PM
Posted 10/08/2004 03:00PM Opening Post
Hello folks,
Although I am not new to Astromart I am new to this particular forum. I usually hang out in the Binocular forum. By this time next week I should be receiving a TMB 115 CNC (Silver type) refracting telescope. Although I have had numerous telescopes this will be my first APO refractor. I decided to get one after looking through a friends Televue NP 101. I am a fan of DSO's and have used my 8inch SCT to start imaging them. However looking at a few DSO's through my friends refractor really impressed me for the contrast and clarity. Many of you may identify with me while I am in this stage of anticipation. There is nothing quit like waiting to get a new telescope. Also to help me deal with this I have been scouring the internet to learn as much as I can about my new toy.(Did this before buying it but you know how it is)I have completely gone through Cloudy Nights reading most anything that I could about it. I am finding that there is not that much as it seems that most of the folks with TMB's all are into scopes of much larger aperture. So is there is anyone out there who would feel inclined to chat with me about the TMB 115 I would love to hear from you.
Any tips or tricks regarding this scope or using it for imaging would be of particular interest. Also if anyone knows of a knowledge base for this scope besides the Yahoo TMB group I would love to get that information as well.
Respectfully Submitted,

Danny Halstead
Moderator APM Forum