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TMB Super Mono Clearance Sale

Started by apmtelescopes, 11/20/2004 01:45AM
Posted 11/20/2004 01:45AM | Edited 11/20/2004 01:46AM Opening Post
Hi Folks

we have now past middle of November, christmasale starting everwhere , Planets are back, but sale of the TMB Super Mono continue to keep as poor as all long summer. I stocking about 20 total sets and have to fullfill my contract with berliner glas withhin next 5 month to sell another 100 sets. In total we talking about 2000 eyepieces and barlow.Thats a lot of money I have pay , even for me, so since no real dealer orders arriving even by offering them discount prices , I must stop looking to the dealers heard and start myself now the clearance sale

The 25 mm TMB/Zeiss aspherical ortho is nearly sold out, only 1 pc remains, here we could make another 20 pc till next 2 month if enough orders coming in.All other focallenghtes and barlow is in stock in good quantity ( 120 sets about can be finaly sold )

The pricereductions I am doing depending on the quantity of eyepieces/Barlowlenses you ordering.

anybody who want to take his last chance to get single eyepieces/Barlow or sets, shall start contacting me now directly to work out your package deal at

I am shipping worldwide

thanks for your order

Markus Ludes

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Markus Ludes