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TMB115 and SV115

Started by kins, 11/19/2005 02:26PM
Posted 11/19/2005 02:26PM Opening Post
After many hours of intensive research, reading everything I could find on these two scopes, and considering many others, I feel that these two are my ultimate best options. I know that we are talking about the same optics, and that Thomas Back and Vic Maris are magnificient designers. And the fact that both are completely involved in their respective companies and each individual scope assembled and tested, makes these two scopes rise to the top. Adding to that Marcus Ludes incredible craftsmanship of the APM TMBs are nothing short of a work of art.

The difficulty is finding a lot of consumer opinion about these scopes. I have read several reviews, but I would like to inquire of those who actually own a TMB115. I know this is a very open ended inquiry, but I leave it that way so that I can get as much feedback as possible. I have posted a similar question on the Stellarvue forum.


Posted 11/20/2005 09:47AM | Edited 11/20/2005 09:51AM #1
I have a Silver older CNC type of TMB 115 scope and I love it.BTW these scopes can only be made by special order now. I do not think it would be the scope for you in this particular configuration due to weight considerations. This scope weighs 17 pounds in it's travel mode and close to 22 pounds when fully geared up with finder, diagonal EP's e.t.c. Especially if you were looking at a piggy back setup. I love the fantastic workmanship of these scopes and can see why they were so expensive to produce. The new light weight scopes are said to have the same great optics with out the weight issues. Thomas Back, Markus Ludes and or Vic at Stellarvue can each sell you TMB optics in various tube configurations. I would say that this scope is about the largest and still call it carry on for airline transport.
Best wishes,

Danny Halstead
Moderator APM Forum
Posted 11/22/2005 02:28AM #2
Hi Steve,

I have a TMB 115LW and have been very happy with it. It's a compact design and is lighter and smaller than the SV115.

If you wanted to buy a new TMB 115LW you would probably have to go through APM/Markus Ludes in Germany. I don't believe Thomas is currently building the smaller scopes, at least not until around March/April.

Due to cost increases at LZOS, the Russian optics company who make the 105-152+ lenses, the prices will be going up in coming months according to a recent post by Markus.

I've decided to move up in aperture and have ordered the SV152 from Vic. I first wanted the 152LW from Thomas, but as I said, he's not currently building them. I will sell my TMB 115LW and GM8 mount when I make the upgrade. Whether you buy a TMB or SV you'll have a fine scope and great people to back it up.