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What happened to TMB180 Auction???

Started by T.R., 01/26/2007 06:24AM
Posted 01/26/2007 06:24AM Opening Post
I was following this auction closely with an interest to bid when it got serious, then POOF :S gone!?!?
Posted 01/26/2007 10:15AM #1
It is hard to say but know that it has happened to me as well. I guess the buyer had some body make an offer that he could not resist. I suppose a guy if he is really wanting the item should make as high an offer as he can afford. Since it is an auction one would think the seller would be required to stay the course but to be honest I am not that up on the rules on Astromart regarding it's auctions and what if any regulations the seller is bound by. Perhaps some one else with some knowledge about this will comment.

Danny Halstead
Moderator APM Forum