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A-P dew shields

Started by William123, 01/12/2003 10:44AM
Posted 01/12/2003 10:44AM Opening Post
Pardon me for asking a couple of dumb questions:

First, on the newer A-P refractors, does the dew shield come completely off the optical tube, or does it merely slide back and forth on the optical tube?

Second, when fully extended, does the dew shield droop to any noticeable extent?

I'm just curious.....

Bill G.
Posted 01/12/2003 10:52AM #1
Hi Bill, I have a new Traveler and no, the dew shield does not come off. Nor have I noticed any drooping. It's quite a firm fit. When i extend mine, I normally turn it 1/4 turn to make sure it seats well and is paralell to the tube. Tim Tate
Posted 01/12/2003 09:25PM #2

Depends on the scope. On the Traveler and Stowaway, the dew shield is captive and slides back and forth. It is very snug, no play at all when extended. On the 155 EDFS, the dew shield is removable, stows on the scope reversed. On the 10" Mak, the dew shield is separate and doesn't stow on the scope. Not sure if the 130 is like the Traveler or like the 155.