AP 160 on a G-11

Started by Harry Drutok, 01/07/2006 12:08AM
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Hi Folks,
I've been on the 155/160 waiting list now for 4.5 years and probably have a year or two (or more)to go. I need to start planning now for my mount. I would like your opinion of a 160 riding on a G-11 for visual use.
Harry Drutok
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It should be fine. I use one with my 155 f/9 EDT, which is a bit lighter but also longer than the 160. No problems for visual use. You might want to add the 12" pier extension to your purchase, otherwise the eyepiece will wind up being uncomfortably close to the ground when viewing the zenith.

Joe Bergeron

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Hello Harry,
The 160 rides on my G-11 very well with a 12" extension and only one 21lbs. weight. The weight is all the way to the end of the steel rod when I have my heavy Baader V bino's in and 24mm Pan's in the bino. If you just use a diagonal and one e.p. the weight is moved in a few inches. I'm 6'1" and the 12" extension puts the rear of the telescope at a very comfortable height, especially with a bino. In about another year we'll be neighbors in Edgewood N.M. and maybe you'll have a 160 by then. I sure do want those clear skies you've been having!!!! I check the live web camera from Sandia Airport almost every day. Very nice view of South Mountain. Martin Willes

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The G-11 will be just fine for visual.
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Hi Folks,
My thanks to all. I know now my G-11 will be fine for visual and that I should get a pier extension.

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The 160 would be fine on a G11. How important is GOTO to you? If not, then you can get away pretty cheap with a used G11 from Astromart. I paid about $1800 and mine came with a bunch of cool accessories.

If GOTO is important, then your looking at a lot more bucks for the Gemini system, it would push you above $3000 new. That puts me in a pickle, I start to have a problem with the price versus capacity of the G11 above $$ three $$ grand.

So if you're thinking about buying a new Gemini G11, consider exchanging the GOTO for some real solid capacity and quality. I found a 900QMD mount on Astromart for $400 more than a new Gemini G11 (I replaced my G11 with this mount shown)and I'll never look back.

Now if you're considering a used, Non-GOTO Losmandy G11 for $1750 or so, complete, nothing can touch that for price-performance.

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