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AP1200 and Tpoint

Started by Mike Shade, 04/07/2002 11:44AM
Posted 04/07/2002 11:44AM Opening Post
Have yet another question...the soon to be arriving AP1200 GTO (hopefully) will reside on a pier in the observaory here. I was thinking that doing a several night drift alignment would be a good a way to get an accurate polar alignment (with a C-14 at about 400X, I can get no DEC drift in 20 minutes). However, in speaking with Herb my friend and neighbor, he offered that Tpoint might be useful. This brings up a few questions: Does this program add anything above and beyond a very good polar alignment? Do people have any experience in this type of situation, i.e., doing a drift alignment and having Tpoint asist in a better alignment? If so, how much of an improvement? Worth the time and trouble? How well does it work with an AP1200? Is there a significant improvement in tracking and or pointing accuracy (some folks have offered that it is not worth the time and trouble)? I have of course looked at the website and it looks interesting but am interesting in people's experiences.