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AP130EDT vs155EDFS

Started by rothko, 05/08/2003 06:09PM
Posted 05/08/2003 06:09PM Opening Post
are there any advantages of an AP130EDT ( f8.3) over an AP155EDFS besides portability? since the former has the basically the "same" lens set, just scaled down to five inches. Why is this scope produced ( sometimes )if a 155EDFS has the same lens, and a one inch advantage to boot ?

Posted 05/08/2003 07:14PM #1
I bet the smaller aperture and and slower speed of the 130mm f/8.3 yields a noticable improvement in color correction. Stopping the 155 f/7 down to 130mm would
probably do the same thing.
Posted 05/08/2003 08:41PM #2

less expensive sounds good. smile thats pretty much what I thought too. I have a 155EDF and am guessing at the advantages to be had with a 130EDT, since I may purchase one despite the two scopes being somewhat close in aperature.
Posted 05/09/2003 05:47AM #3

I think that is a reasonable assessment. There probably aren't many nights I would opt for the 5 inch EDT with the choice of a six inch with its obvious advantages. Logical reasoning- but then if my purchases were logical I wouldnt own as many refractors as I do ! smile

Posted 05/09/2003 03:02PM #4
Yes, the 130 would be lighter, would cool down a bit more quitckly, and would be less expensive, but the 130 is just not going to keep up with the 155 for either deep sky or planetary viewing.