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Started by darylc, 06/19/2003 12:26PM
Posted 06/19/2003 12:26PM Opening Post
I had not noticed this forum before and I thought,hey cool, but where are the posts about astrophysics? It seems more like an equipment forum. I assume there is some catch about the hypen astro-physics versus astrophysics?

Posted 06/19/2003 01:05PM #1
Astro-Physics is the name a telescope company from the Chicago area. They make premium APO refractors with long waiting lists. Superb quality, and almost a religion to some.

Posted 06/19/2003 03:38PM #2
Amen, Brother. Let us all chant now, "apo,apo,apo,apo,apo,apo,apo,apo,apo,apo". Ah, I feel better already.
Posted 06/20/2003 05:18AM #3
Well pardon my ignorance. I assumed it must be something like that. But a forum on astrophysics would be cool.