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How to use PEMPro to create a PE curve

Started by RolandC, 09/22/2017 02:16PM
Posted 09/22/2017 02:16PM Opening Post
Hi All,

Here is a step by step method to create a good PE curve that can be downloaded into an equatorial mount, such as the AP Mach1. The data presented is from a production Mach1 mount.

First step is to acquire data using the PEMPro program with scope pointed to the Celestial equator near the Meridian. The attached image shows data of 3 worm period run, approximately 20 minutes.

You will notice that the 3 runs are not exactly the same, but lie pretty much on top of each other within +- 1 arc second. Make sure you check the drift align box. If the three runs are wildly different, then something is wrong with your imaging system (loose focuser, flopping mirror, scope flexure, very bad seeing, etc.). This will result in bad data and should not be used to create a PE curve.


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Posted 09/22/2017 02:20PM #1
Next step is to create a PE curve from this data. Press the button to create new PE curve. A new window will pop up which shows a basic fitted curve with the major harmonics and their values.

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