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mounting accessories

Started by RobertHowe, 10/13/2011 08:13PM
Posted 10/13/2011 08:13PM | Edited 10/17/2011 06:21PM Opening Post
Added a week later...

I found my answer. Larry at Universal Astronomics sells 6, 8 and 10 inch plates that fit the DOVE 15. The six inch is all that I need for the tiny little Tak, one clamp of the DOVE 15 suffices; the 10 serves for the larger scopes.

This case is closed.


Hi Guys

I am getting frustrated by a mounting problem for which there must be a simple answer. My mount is a very reliable AP 900. For years I have put an AP 130 f/8.35 atop an APM 180 f/7 scope (I had an AP f/9 but it is too long for my observatory). The AP was side-by-side with a TeleVue 85, using a lateral sliding Losmandy D plate (photo).

I now wish to put a solar scope or the Televue or a Tak 60, depending upon circumstances, atop the AP130, and to eliminate the lateral sliding bar. I say atop, to minimize the need to re-balance laterally each time I swap off a scope--the solar scope is 12#, the TV is 9, the Tak only 2. With an in-line top-to-bottom system I could simply record the counterweight positions for each telescope configuration and adjust accordingly.

The large apo is held to my AP900 with their 15 inch ribbed plate, 900RP. Atop this is a DOVE15 to which the AP is attached by a 15 inch sliding bar, SB1500 (48 mm width).

I had intended to put another of these atop the AP 130 to tip in the small telescopes, but the Dove15 will not tighten enough to hold the smaller AP sliding bars, SB1000 or SB0800, which are 38 mm wide. Yet the DOVE08 saddle, which matches the SB1000 and SB0800, is too short to go atop the AP 130. There’s no common length of saddles for Losmandy D plates, AP 15 inch sliding bars and AP 7 to 10 inch sliding bars. What a nuisance.

I suppose I could fabricate a top plate for the Ap130 and apply a DOVE 08 to this, or cut some SB1500 sliding bars in half for my small scopes. Anyone have a better suggestion?

Robert Howe

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Robert Howe
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