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New 130 GT scope will be at NEAF

Started by RolandC, 04/13/2015 02:50PM
Posted 04/13/2015 02:50PM Opening Post
Astro-Physics will be showing our newest 130 GT travel scope at NEAF. It is the first prototype model, production versions will be starting in the coming months.

Here some pictures and design details of the new 130:

We have made a number of changes to the scope to allow it to be used with larger accessories. The new focuser has a 3.5 inch clear aperture. When used with our newly designed F4.5 TCC (Telecompressor-Corrector), this scope will cover a 60mm field at F4.5.

The lens of this new scope is slightly different from the original, in that the first element is airspaced. This allows all surfaces to be spherical while providing a high degree of color correction from deep red all the way to the edge of the ultra-violet. It is a variation of the very successful 160/175 airspaced design.

The new F4.5 TCC uses ED glass to provide excellent correction into the far violet, and can be used with other scopes that use the 3.5" Feathertouch focuser. (eg. TEC 140/160/180). The multi-element design reduces the blue defocus and produces the tightest possible stars across the spectrum.

The 3.5 inch focuser is also available for the original 130 GT scopes. It can be easily swapped out to replace the 2.7" focuser that came with the original scopes.

To see the scope, come to NEAF.

Posted 04/13/2015 06:40PM #1
Sounds like a great product, Roland! Several of the guys from my club are going. I'll be home with the kids. Wishing everyone a fantastic time! ~ C

~ Charlie Stevenson

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