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New product announcement

Started by RolandC, 04/01/2011 08:52AM
Posted 04/01/2011 08:52AM | Edited 04/01/2011 08:52AM Opening Post
Folks, look for prototype new products from Astro-Physics this year at NEAF. You have heard of adaptive optics, yes? Well we have something even more exciting for you. Adaptive Underwear!

Yes, you heard right, our new line of designer adaptive underwear will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Battery operated, it comes with optional fuzzy bunny slippers and cap (complete with bunny ears) to keep you toasty during those long winter observing sessions, when you would rather be snuggled in your bed. Throw the switch to summer and it keeps you nice and cool on those hot, sticky summer nights when the mosquitos would make mincemeat out of any exposed flesh, but not to worry because this garment has you covered in all the strategic places that mosquitos normally attack. Bonus feature: turning the switch to summer automatically resets your keypad and mount servo to daylight savings, so you won't have to fiddle with these setting ever again. How about that! What will they think of next?

As you know, we astronomers are a tough crowd, we must soldier on to capture those photons that are continually raining down on us and would otherwise be going to waste (meanwhile our diet of donuts and coke are going to our waist, but that's another story indeed!).

We have an exclusive arrangement with Ralph Lauren, the famous Paris designer, along with Ru Paul, the famous New York celebrity who provided the design of the bunny slippers and bunny cap. So do not delay, this is a limited offer, good only for the first 251,928 callers who will call this special number, operators are standing by. Call now Tel 1-555-987654321. I thank you for your kind understanding if you cannot get thru, but please keep dialing.

Posted 04/01/2011 09:15AM #1
Hey I put in My order cant wait for it to arrive. thanks
Posted 04/01/2011 09:28AM #2
Is there an option for hand warmers too or does the standard technique of sticking ones hands down his trousers result in added warmth due to the electronics upgrade? Oh, and are these available in boxers or briefs?
Posted 04/01/2011 09:31AM #3
How long is the waiting list so far?

Joe Bergeron

Moderator, Astro-Physics Forum
Posted 04/01/2011 11:52AM | Edited 04/01/2011 11:52AM #4
Does this mean that the joint venture with Ray-Ban is on hold? I personally thought that the $1800 price point would have worked for optically perfect sunglasses 8)
Posted 04/01/2011 12:00PM #5
Checked the AP website and couldn't find a link for the Adaptive Underwear notification list. Anyway, what's the approx. wait time for these (in decades)? wink