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Oil-spaced Refractors and Solar Observing

Started by jimwayda, 05/27/2012 07:20PM
Posted 05/27/2012 07:20PM Opening Post
Recently I have been using my AP Traveler for solar observing (May 20 Annular Solar Eclipse) and will be using it on June 5 for the Venus Transit. The solar filter that I am using was purchased about 7 years ago from Astro-Physics and is a Kendrick aluminized Mylar design. Since the Traveler is an oil-spaced design, will it have any problem with the heat especially if I continue solar observing on a more frequent basis?


Posted 05/27/2012 07:29PM #1
Nope. What heat? With a reflective filter like yours, there will be no discernible heat buildup behind it.

Joe Bergeron

Moderator, Astro-Physics Forum
Posted 05/28/2012 07:23AM #2
Hmmm....I'm interested in this for another reason. I was thinking of going with a premium APO for solar imaging with a Herschel Wedge. It was suggested that this setup might not be good with oil-spaced refractors. Since the use time is about 1/2-1 hr per session, I'm beginning to have questions about doing it also. I'd guess an air-spaced refractor might be better, but I know a guy who uses a AP super planetary 6" for his solar imaging. Thoughts?


Paul Maxson
Moderator - CCD Imaging and Processing/Solar System
Celestron C14, Mewlon 250, Orion EON120, ASI120MM, Flea3.