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8" F/7 on a CGEM

Started by De Lorme, 07/24/2014 06:18PM
Posted 07/24/2014 06:18PM Opening Post
Hi, I would like to put together a 8" refractor. I know from having a Astro Tech
10" F/4 Reflector{48"} that a 8" f/6 would work on my CGEM.
It's been strongly suggested to me that a 8" f/6 would show to much color on planets. I have some reservations about that idea because of James Edwards Istar 8" F/6 comet hunter review on CN.
But would a 8"F/7 be taxing my CGEM? I know a 8" f/9 would.
Thanks for the advice. De Lorme
Posted 08/04/2014 04:09PM #1
"But would a 8"F/7 be taxing my CGEM? "

I've used a lot less beefy mount without computer drives on a 8" f/8 Cave
mirror. You're not doing astro pics? then no. Planets no problem.
Great visuals. Just use a good quality mirror.
Then you have a "planet killer".

Gene Roddenberry "took" television "into" outer space.