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C9.25 Loose Baffle: HELP!

Started by astrodad1954, 03/22/2013 08:42PM
Posted 03/22/2013 08:42PM Opening Post

I have a used C9.25 and when I bought it the baffle ring was loose. Besides wanting to shame the previous owner for non-disclosure ,I found that when I turn the baffle ring the baffle turns with it inside the ota [diagonal keeps rotating with it].

I don't see any locking screw. How is the baffle tube/ ring seated from the manufacturer?

Can I just glue it and if so what kind of glue? Or do I have to tear it all down/ send it in to get fixed? [Although it wouldn't be worth the S/H and repair costs.]

Could use duct tape, but... Any thoughts appreciated.

Posted 03/25/2013 07:47PM #1

That sounds like scary stuff! Indeed that should have been disclosed. You may wish to try contacting Don Rothman at Astro Parts Outlet (he's one of the sponsors here). That gentleman is REALLY GOOD at helping people with Celestron CAT issues of all kinds. I don't know if I'm allowed to post a phone number on these threads, so I won't. But you can look in the "Sponsors" area of A-mart and you'll find his contact info.

Hope the issue is a minor one to fix!

All the best,

Andy S.

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Posted 03/25/2013 08:06PM #2
This is a common problem with the Celestron units.
Is this a Fastar unit or just the plastic holder?
I am not familiar with the 9.25 secondary, but if it is like the 8's, are there a couple of small rectangular holes near the screws? If so, can you see a line through it? If so, that line should be aimed at 3 o'clock (looking from the front with the focus knob at 9 o'clock) and with the name/serial number label upright.

Celestron glued the plastic ones and sometimes the glue breaks down. It is possible to snug it up if you take the corrector out and carefully work with it. You may have to break the old glue bond and then reglue it with it firmly locked on. (If you do take it off, check for the positions of shims both at the outside of the corrector and around the secondary assembly. You also need to note the rotational alignment of the corrector to the cell. (there should be a small etched serial number on the outer edge (you may find a pen mark on the actual edge of the corrector. This is usually put at 3 o'clock and the line on the back of the secondary points at it.
(Uncle Rod has used the freezing method to break the glue, put the corrector/secondary in the freezer for a bit, then try again. smile )

This could have happened in shipping too.
Other user may never have even noted it as loose if they never tried to twist it.

I have seen it on several units. (I have 6 c-8's at my house at the moment, I have seen the spin on 3 of them. Some take a lot of force to turn it. If it spins easily, then you need to take care of it. If it doesn't, reposition it and leave it be.