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Collimation of Celestron SCT

Started by davidcolton, 07/27/2002 04:50AM
Posted 07/27/2002 04:50AM Opening Post
I plan on buying a new telescope and after comparing and contrasting the new GPS with a premium refractory, I had settled on a (Televue) 4" refractor. That was before I saw Celestron's recent rebate ($500) on their 8" GPS. However, I've read that to coax the best out of the optics, schmidt-cassegrain's need to be accurately and frequently collimated. Has that been the experience of most Celestron SCT users? Also, are their any tools/apparatus (such as laser collimators) that are recommended for SCT's. Thanks. Dave C
Posted 07/27/2002 08:36AM #1
I've heard that collimation is essential, too. However, I've owned a C8 for 18 years and haven't collimated the scope in a long, long time. The scope provides excellent images, resolves doubles down to 1", looks fine out of focus, etc. Anyway, folks with newer models say collimation is essential and frequently necessary. Since you'll be buying a new one, you should probably listen to them and not me.

(How was that for help?)