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Did it again (Cooled C-11)

Started by klawson, 03/26/2005 08:40PM
Posted 03/26/2005 08:40PM | Edited 03/26/2005 08:40PM Opening Post
After good success with my C-8 I decided to do a C-11. Currently observing Saturn through the sucker holes in the high clouds. It's amazing what you can see through a large, well collimated and cooled SCT. Crisp, well defined detail. Easily as good as some of the best CCD image of Saturn Ive seen. WOW! High end apo refractors are nice but if I can get the same performance without breaking the bank or my back well......

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klawson's attachment for post 23119


40 year old restored C14 with recirculating cooling w/Skywatcher DOB GOTO Conversion (CPC14)

Synscan DOB mounted Sky-Watcher Evostar 150mm/1200mm ED Refractor

"Rescued" Craig's List Orion 120mm/1000mm Refractor


Posted 03/28/2005 10:52AM #1
Congratulations Keith, I agree about the improvement with active cooling. Your solution looks very nice and elegant.

I went the brute force method and put a couple cpu fans ahead of the primary and an exhaust hole on the other side but it does make a difference.

It seems to allow about 50x higher with fans running than without. And the heat plume is gone in the defocused image.

Do you get any vibration that you can see? I keep turning the fans off and on trying to detect vibration, but it seems like the effect is minimal at best.

Posted 03/28/2005 12:23PM #2
Keith, you have a great looking scope there!
Would you be so kind to explain the modifications you've done, and how do they improve/work on your scope? Are they based on particular designs that you've seen somewhere else, or did you come up with this idea?

Anyways, thanks for sharing, great application & beautifully implemented!

Clear dark cool skies! 8)

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