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G 9 1/4 Optics

Started by imix4you, 09/30/2002 01:16PM
Posted 09/30/2002 01:16PM Opening Post
Just bought a used G 9 1/4 and am unsure of the condition of the optics. The image is very clear but the image takes several seconds (up to 12) to settle down after focusing. Is this normal for these scopes or does mine need alignment beyond collimation? I've viewed through other SCT's and don't remember waiting as long (if at all) after refocusing. It seems to me that merely breathing on the scope causes the image to bounce. Is it the scope or is it me?
Posted 09/30/2002 03:48PM #1
It's not the scope but more the mount it came with. The mount (CG5) usually comes with a cheap tripod that is nowhere near stable enough. The 9-1/4 is on the heavy side for this mount too. I would up-grade to a better mount like a GM8, EQ6 or simular. If you can't afford that option then as least change the weak aluminum tripod legs with the wooden type. This is reported to help quite a bit.

Robert W.

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