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Help! I can't focusing after using focal reducer

Started by starzan, 07/24/2002 10:28PM
Posted 07/24/2002 10:28PM Opening Post
hello ~

I have an celestron 9.25 SCT..
& many eyepiece( 3mm radian, 7mm nagler.
19mm panoptic, ~ 55mm plossl : all-Televeue)

I bought focal reducer( Celestron f6.3) one week ago.
I can't focusing star connect with reducer except 55mm plossl(I see central ill defined dot (maybe due to central obstruction ?? )
when other highter power eyepieces ( 32mm. 19mm .. ) was connected,I can't focusing ( I was full rotating counterclockwise )

so .. I send mail to celestron ,,
reply was " because you use meade diagonal
( too far from focal reducer than celestron diagonal!!)

I change the 2" diagonal to celestron yesterday!!

but the problem in remained ,, I can't focusing ..
what is problem ???
my friend told me " you should move the secondary mirror
forward~~ ,, I can't do that !! )

help, me please...
I want more rich field !!

BS shin