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Is Celestron the dumbest company around?

Started by jworkm01, 09/30/2002 09:30PM
Posted 09/30/2002 09:30PM Opening Post
I broke the leg support bracket on my Ultima 9.25 a day or so ago. The tripod was tied up and a cat tipped it over, viola a piece of plastic went flying. I contacted Celestron to have it replaced but they apparently don't accept credit or check cards so I have to send a money order or check and wait three weeks for the part. I have never heard of such silliness. No wonder Meade beats them in sales. What kind of respectable company won't accept credit cards in the twenty first century? They would do better if there customer service matched the quality of their products.
Posted 10/01/2002 07:17AM #1
Well, Celestron probably doesn't take credit cards in order to avoid paying the credit card transaction fee (something like 3.5% of total sale value?). I do agree that in this day and age, this choice is not customer friendly and probably has had a negative impact on sales.

As for the leg spreader replacement, have you considered the Star Tek 3-N-1 Leg Spreader/Accessory Tray? I have one of these on my Meade field tripod and it is excellent. The tray is made of aluminum and when you fold the tripod up, there is a handle built into the tray which makes carrying easier. Astromart sells these trays. The Celestron version is Part# ST0003 and goes for $124.00.

Posted 10/18/2002 12:44PM #2
I must have asked nicer than you Jared...I had a leg clamp to break and they sent me a new leg free of charge...