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Newby dumb question, help!

Started by Fmhiggins, 05/14/2016 07:31PM
Posted 05/14/2016 07:31PM Opening Post
Just back into Astronomy after several decades away. Picked up a nice used Celestron C8 on a German Equitorial mount, all manual. The collumination was WAY off after shipping down from Montana. With some great help from an expert from the Denver Astronimical Society, it's now colluminated. Question is: should the view in the daytime of a ridge line 5 miles away be crisp or fuzzy even using low power (40 mm). Mine is quite fuzzy, so makes me think I've an internal issue with my 35 year old C8. If so, how do I get it resolved? Thanks for reading! Mike
Posted 05/14/2016 07:56PM #1
Atmospheric disturbance is common, especially if it is warm.

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Posted 05/14/2016 09:43PM #2
Yes to Floyd's. I took a similar custom scope and tested it on a cell tower couple miles away on a hot summer's day. Capturing short-exposure images watching monitor and saving maybe 1 out of 20 "sharp" ones. Found that even among those, only 5% were decent. So that's 1/400 decent and the rest marginal to terrible. If you see occasional OK glimpses, that could exonerate your scope. Try it under good conditions with scope ambient temp at dawn or dusk over grass? That's when my solar scopes give good resolution. Other choice would of course be on a good night on the stars. Tom

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