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Nexstar 8 GPS Problems

Started by fblue, 05/26/2003 09:04AM
Posted 05/26/2003 09:04AM Opening Post
I was wondering if anyone else had a lot of problems with their new NS8GPS?

I have had 3 new scopes from them in 3 months. The 1st scope would not find north and would spin around in cirlces for 10-15 minutes if you let it.

It was replace with another new scope. This scope worked for a few hours and then began to make GPS alignments with all the wrong corordinates. Longitude, Latitude, and time and date were all wrong. It also gave me a Code16 error once. This scope was sent back to the factory after much discussion and they said they went through it completely and replace the Dec motor. I got it back and had the same exact problems with the GPS the second time I took it out.

This scope was replaced with a 3rd new scope. It has a different secoundary mirror cover on the front and I noticed that the Alt level setting marks on this scope actually lined up when the tube was level. The other 2 always pointed upward by 10-20 degrees with the marks lined up.

I have had the 3d scope out 4 times now with out any problems. It aligns quickly and acurately. The Go-To is very good and tracking is also excellent. The optics are aligned well and it seems to work very well overall. I must admit I am still concerned, but I have a 100% guarantee from Woodland Hills for return and replacement with a scope of my choice ( Meade or whatever ) should this scope give me problems.

I would like to say that at Mt Pinos last Saturday, a new Meade 12" GPS made 1st light and it was DOA out of the box, The Dec motor refused to move the scope and it would not perform a GPS alingment. Maybe the manufacturers are slipping in quality control! I am not sure but I feel this is probably true.

Has anyone else seen any problems like I have described with a Nexstar GPS?

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