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SCT Fork vs. EQ mounts

Started by rcordell, 07/27/2002 12:38AM
Posted 07/27/2002 12:38AM Opening Post
I have a C9.25" mounted on a Losmandy GM-8. This is an EQ setup. While I love the tracking that I never had with my Dob, I HATE EQ mounts because they are just so darn Un-intuitive. You have to go up or down to move sideways, etc. I am starting to consider finding or maybe trading for a fork mount. Are the forks more like using a Dob? They look like they are more of an Alt-Az type arrangement which is always easier to use in my opinion but regular Alt-Az mounts don't have tracking that I know of. Goto isn't really a requirement but motor tracking and slewing is.

Also, is there a Celestron Fork Mount that would work with my c9.25" OTA? Anybody know?

Comments appreciated.

Posted 07/27/2002 02:13AM #1
One these should do the trick:

Fork mounts do have quirks too. It can be a pain to polar align one and certain diagonal / eyepiece combinations may hit the fork (particularly if you use an add - on focuser). While the eyepiece moves around a lot less, it is harder to use the telescope when it is aimed near polaris.

The other option would be a Giro 2 deluxe alt - azimuth mount which you could add the Tech 2000 dob driver system to. This system would behave the most like a dob and it is also the most portable by far. Here are some useful links to info about the Giro mounts:

A Giro mount with the C9.25 and a rich field refractor on either side would be a sweet combo :-). Since the motions on the Giro are so smooth anyway I would probably just get the mount and a sturdy tripod for a fairly inexpensive and portable setup.

I would try to check out one of the fork mounts at some star parties, etc. Also, once you get used to an EQ mount, they are pretty intuitive and actually offer pretty good access to all parts of the sky.