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The New Celestrons...

Started by rmollise, 06/27/2008 07:25AM
Posted 06/27/2008 07:25AM Opening Post
Have y'all seen the new "Celestrons"?


Uncle Rod

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Posted 06/27/2008 08:31AM #1

Isn't Skywatcher Canadian??? Are they making Celestrons in Canada now?? I thought they where making them in China, boy am I ever confused. Next thing you are going to tell me is that Meade is making their scopes in Mexico.

Life was a whole lot simplier when everything was made in the USA.

Posted 07/23/2008 04:19PM #2
Rod Mollise said:

Have y'all seen the new "Celestrons"?

Along those lines, Rod, do you remember when the small Omni XLT's came out? Specifically, the one based on the C5 OTA?