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Started by fct-150, 10/15/2013 03:21AM
Posted 10/15/2013 03:21AM Opening Post
Okee-dokee....I think I may have finally found my "Special" Orange C8 who will ultimately team-up with my "Special" C5. Here's the only issue. I also found those darn hard-to-find Vixen dovetail mounting shoes (it mount to the underside of the C8 ota so it can glide on the Vixen dovetail bar). CAN THIS VIXEN SHOE SAFELY MOUNT TO AN ORANGE C8?

I ask this because I am pretty sure that no orange C8(s) were ever sold on the SP mount. I have only seen them on fork tines. And I would hate to DISGRACE a vintage tube by drilling extra holes or running a screw too deep into the primary assembly. So yeah, HELP THIS LUNATIC PLEASE!

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Just a few thoughts:

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Posted 10/15/2013 04:34AM #1
Andy, no need to go Luny! IOMN was last weekend! 8)
The orange and early black tube C-8's have the same screw and thread arrangement.
I just took the adapter off my 85 SPC-8 and put it on my 72 C-8 (which I know has the same arrangement as my 80 OT C-8.)
You can have both the forks and the SPC adapter on a scope at the same time (I know, I have one I am working on that is a Black Tube from an SPC that I currently have mounted in a powerstar fork.)
Haven't pulled out the Celestar to see if it would fit, but I suspect it will. The SPC adapter uses the bottom 2 holes, the same ones used by the counterweight bar set. (The SPC adapter I have on my 85 actually has 2 sets of holes, I use the inner set. The outer set is spaced for the fork arm screws. Now what is interesting on the other adapter on the scope I am working on, there is only the inner set drilled through, the casting has spaces for the outer set, but they were not drilled through)
I think with the Nexstar GPS and CPC things may bave changed some, but the older scopes, especially the ribbed back units, were the same.