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1026 Delivery, When??

Started by paulccsi, 05/30/2003 01:45PM
Posted 05/30/2003 01:45PM Opening Post
When I mentioned I was getting impatient on the Burgess Yahoo Group that there has not been any info posted on the 1026 delivery dates, they jumped all over my "!@#$%^&"
Take a look at the groups screamers now!!
They are surpassing my impatience and asking what "year" will they be delivered.
I would not hesitate to guess that he still has not gotten a shipment from the Far East yet!!
Has anyone here talked to Bill lately??
Posted 05/30/2003 06:36PM #1
Paul: Got this just a few hours ago from Anacortes-

Hello, As of May 30th, after speaking with Bill Burgess, the scopes are expected to arrive mid-late June in the states, and then we (Bill or ATWB) will ship to you. If you have any questions, please let me know. I'll be back in the office on Monday, June 1st. Sorry for the inconvenience and Thank you for your business and patience.

Looks like it might be 1st of July now.
Bill in SA
Posted 06/09/2003 06:16AM #2

I've got the worlds (actually Rod now recommends picking one up in his used gudie) only "very good" C90 which is my travel scope. I've got the LAR and use a Lumicon 1.25" diagonal and the views are as good as any ETX I've seen (remember a C9o @ 1000mm has a much wider FOV) and quite a lot cleaner than the G185 I had (don't you have one of those also?).

I do and I have had some good times with it, I also have a Pronto which is physically larger but gives superior views, especially with 2 inch eyepieces. 5 degree FOV are possible.
I use it with my focal reducer and have a f6.3 scope that with a 32mm plossl gives extremely wide views in a scope that fits under the airline seat with 4 ep, barlow, whitelight sun filter, Red LED light, my PDA with PockeySky.
A C5 also fits nicely under the airline seat and has substantially greater aperture which makes viewing DSOs quite nice. But I would think that C-90s must show substantial vignetting with a Focal Reducer and a 32 mm eyepiece or some such thing., or so it would seem, the hole is the back is just not that big...
Taken it to Mexico, Az., Hawaii, and on every driving trip my wife and I take. Also it is a great digiscope for my Nikon CP4500. So I just can part with it. Thats also why the 1278 fit my scope stable.

I have the Orion/Synta 120 mm F8.3 scope which should be quite similar to the BO 1278. It does a good job on double stars but the OTA is 40 inches long or so, not airline portable and my 8 inch XT-8 is a better overall performer because of the increase aperture. Thats why it is for sale, just don't use it.

I order the 1026 because I was thinking that the 102mm objective would provide brighter widefield views than my Pronto but still be reasonably small. My guess is that it should be comparable to the C-5 in many ways but probably give those refractor views that don't always happen with Reflectors.


>>BTW do you have a focal reducer for you C5, you will like what it does for a SCT. except for planets I never use my C8 without it.

I have one, it brings the focal length down to 800mm. Which is essentially one eyepiece step. Nice for Widefield viewing but then when I want to use some magnification, then it requires a barlow. With a smaller aperture, I try to avoid getting too much glass in the optical path. With a C-5, focal reducer, and barlow, there the corrector, the primary, secondary, a couple of pieces of glass in the focal reducer, about 3 in the barlow and then the diagonal, this all preceeds the eyepiece.


Posted 06/11/2003 05:54AM #3
>>>>Well, you have had much better luck than me!
The only emails answered for me were, at the time I placed the order in early Feb. Every email was answered! Probably about 6 emails, mostly concerning add-ons for the 1026. All answered!
Since I placed the order, I have not gotten a response to any email I have sent him.

I always Email "sales" at BO and always get a friendly reply within a couple of days.

Back in the early 70's when I worked on a ship, they would have an anchor pool. Guess the moment that the voyage would end, either via casting the anchor or most likely tying up and you would win the pool.

I suggest we start a 1026 Anchor Pool: When will the first 1026 will actually land in the hands of a customer? Gentlemen's bet, no money involved here. Here is my guess to start this out.

My guess: August 10th (2003 of course.)

I might point out that these scopes were supposed to arrive at the end of March. I think most of us assumed that meant March of 2003. :-(

The delay has not bothered me much, probably because I have several other scopes ranging from 70mm to 12.5 inches, I can keep myself occupied. However, I imagine that I would be more than a little bit irritated if this were my first scope and I had chosen the 1026 over the Orion/Synta 100mm F6 OTA because of the hopefully nicer focuser, the larger finder and the quality mechanicals.

Wondering if this delay has put a cramp anyones observing?