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150mm Refractor??

Started by g1957, 11/07/2003 10:39AM
Posted 11/07/2003 10:39AM Opening Post
Is Bill planning a future 150mm achro or APO ?
Posted 11/07/2003 10:55AM #1
Yes and Yes. There're all sorts of notes on the Burgess Refractor Forum about the 150F8 achro. It may even be in production. Bill also has stated in the past that he plans to make "apomizers" (apo lens cells) for all of his achro refractors. I believe he has or has had prototype lens cells for the 127F8 under evaluation by Thomas Back. The apomizer order will be the 127F8, 150F8, and 102F6.

Mark Costello
Matthews, NC, USA

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Posted 11/07/2003 02:05PM #2
When I talked to Bill yesterday he said the 150's are in production and on the way soon. Okee dokee. Not sure what that means when translated from Billspeak to English, but there should be one sometime in the next decade.

The race is on between the chromacor III and Bill's APO cell for the 1278. Whichever get's here first will get my $$$. Valerie said he should have the CIII out by mid next year or so. Bill has no estimate on the APO cell. I'll let you know who wins.