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65mm .. seriously

Started by gibson57guy, 04/28/2006 06:12PM
Posted 04/28/2006 06:12PM Opening Post
What can you really do with 65mm ?? I may as well just take out my 15*70 bino's??

I've sold many short tube 80's because I thought they would be good for camping but with an 10" dob at home it just aint't worth it...

So ... as a serious question... what is the attraction???
Posted 04/28/2006 06:37PM #1
Look at it like fishing. Some people like to use heavy duty equipment and fish for Jaws while others like to use ultra light equipment and fish for bluegill. Both get enjoyment from their respective approaches.
Bob P.
ps. I bought one of the first ultra light outfits offered from Continental Arms in the mid ltalian Alcedro rod and reel. Also have some very nice pellet guns. Sometimes smaller is good.
Posted 04/28/2006 06:52PM #2
With the bino's you're limited to that magnification. Also, how much terrestrial viewing can you do with a dob?
Posted 04/28/2006 07:44PM #3

There is a lot one can do with a decent 60-65-70mm scope. One needs to reign in the expectations a bit but there is still lots to see.

Here's three scopes in the class that can do some stuff:

1. TV Pronto.. 70mm but its a good widefield scope and has about the best achromatic optics you will find. Splits stars pretty much to the limit. From my backyard in San Diego = 1million+ people I can spot M76. Also good for terrestial viewing and digiscoping. Never see M76 from Mag 4.0 skies with binos... Check out the birdie taken with the Pronto...

2. Meade/Telstar 60AZ-A. "Fifty Dollars at Walmart"... Shaky and Wobbly but it managed to split Castor and I found M1 from my back yard....

3. Ashi-Pentax 60mm F13.3 Pretty impressive for a 60mm. Castor is wide open haven't had a chance to really test this scope but the mount is very solid and the whole scope is built mechinically like a scientific instrument... Lots of precision machining...

The Williams Optics 66mm scopes seem to do OK...


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Posted 05/01/2006 07:44AM #4
thanks guys.... I guess I would just have change my observing habits... I usually just roll out my 10" dob from the garage and start viewing... I really liked the appeal of a smaller scope too but wasn't really happy with the short tube 80's for example...I keep buying them, then eventually selling them because I find myself always going back to the dob...I also don't have much time for observing so most of it has to be from my urban yard.. I guess I must be still really inexperienced at observing because I have a hard enough time trying to find things ( well mostly I like to chase galaxies and nebulae)in my dob. I could imagine the difficulty I would have with a small 65mm scope..

Mark V