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8 1/2" objectives

Started by prof.2, 03/08/2006 08:34AM
Posted 03/08/2006 08:34AM Opening Post
Does anyone have any firsthand experiance with the Chinese f/12 ,8 1/2" Fraunhofer objectives being sold on Ebay? I was able to contact one buyer but they had not eveluated the lens yet.The seller has very good feedback especially with the triplets He is selling. Thanks
Posted 03/08/2006 09:36AM | Edited 03/08/2006 09:36AM #1
Looked under "telescopes" on E-Bay and didn't see listing...where is it listed?
Posted 03/08/2006 10:43AM #2
I remember in the past someone buying a lens from overseas on Ebay, the purchaser received a block of glass in the package. shocked Not a good thing and it was not optical grade either!
Buyer beware! Check all ratings to see if they were posted about the same time. I have seen many times where false ratings were added by the person doing the scam. Sometimes it is easy to spot, sometimes not.
Now. The real problem is this. Herb has asked that Ebay questions, problems or complaints not be placed in the forums. They are not Astromart items. smile

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Posted 03/12/2006 11:59AM | Edited 03/12/2006 12:00PM #3

I had one once. I found the objective to be quite good. About 1/5th to 1/6th wave overall correction. Nice coatings as well. I got mine as a trade here in So. Cal so I can't comment concerning an e-bay transaction. It was a beast 8O I'm 6'2". This picture will give you an idea how big the finished scope would be 8)


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Posted 03/18/2006 08:10PM #4