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Started by Lou O, 06/28/2003 06:43AM
Posted 06/28/2003 06:43AM Opening Post
Hey guys,

I've been a fork mounted SCT user for many years and I decided to take the GEM plunge. Bought a Vixen SP mount that I will using for the 1278 and put my C8 on.

I have never owned a GEM and want to know what accesories do I need to mate the scopes and mount. Can the SP accomodate a dovetail system. What mounting will come with the 1278. What's the easiest way to set this up for quick change.

I have looked the Anacortes and the many different ones there, don't want the "trail and error " method.
Only have another several weeks before she (BO) arrives and want to be ready.

BTW Mars last night was awesome, polar caps very prominent. I saw what seemed to be dark lanes thru the equator and some also a large area top left of the polar caps. ??

Thanks in advance

Posted 06/28/2003 08:08AM #1
Hi Lou,

The best dovetail system available for the Super Polaris mounts is made by Astro-Physics. It is the model DOVESP, which sells for $115. It accepts several different plates which run around $25 each. It isn't the cheapest solution but it is definitely the most secure dovetail system available for the Vixen SP. In fact there is a current ad on astromart for one these with a plate that would be suitable for the 1278:

You might have to adapt the plate a bit to the 1278 rings (drill countersunk holes in the aluminum) but that is easy to do even with a hand drill. The other option is to get a pair of GP/ CG-5 type dovetail mounting blocks from Kens Rings that will fit the stock 1278 dovetail. I would go with the Astrophysics system since it is actually fairly reasonable and much better than the GP/ CG-5 type dovetail system.