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Binoviewer Won't Reach Focus

Started by denniris, 02/11/2005 08:10PM
Posted 02/11/2005 08:10PM Opening Post
I am using a Celestron 102GT (500mm f5) with 2" diagonal. I received this scope today with my Burgess Bino, My plan was to install drive on a good sturdy tripod and at some point replace the OTA with a short tube APO. In playing around with this set up I found I could not rack the focuser in far enough to achieve focus with the binos with or without a 2X Barlow. I had expected problems with out the Barlow but not with. With out the Barlow the BBs almost come in to focus just as I run out of in travel and adding the Barlow just seams to make it worse. Is the Burgess 1.5X Relay Lens going to solve this type problem or should I go with my first thought which was to shorten the Optical Tube by 1.5" ?

Any input would be appreciated.

Dennis White
Posted 02/12/2005 07:07AM #1
The 1.5x relay is supposed to fix this but you may want to contact Harry Siebert as I believe he has an adaptor already in stock..

Mark Visser
Posted 02/12/2005 08:55AM #2
Posted 02/12/2005 02:26PM | Edited 02/12/2005 02:28PM #3
When I spoke to Bill Burgess, the other week, about a similar issue, he suggested using a 1.25" 45 degree mirror diagonal or 1.25" 90 degree mirror diagonal. He said the 2" diagonal added too much length to the refractor / the R&P focuser would not rack in enough with the 2" diagonal in place. I was/am having trouble with the Burgess 102 refractor with the Burgess binoviewer. Straight through, no problem, of course. I tried a Celestron Shorty barlow with my Lumicon 1.25" 90 diagonal and it focuses and the 20mm WA's work fine with that 4x power boost -with lunar observing. I'm waiting for Bill's adapter lens which should be about 1.2x mag, or so and not be as much a problem to use with my short tube refractor. I believe the Williams Crayford forcuser has a longer focus length and should work (rack in) enough when using the Burgess binoviewer.
Hope this helps somewhat. :S Clear skies.

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