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Burgess 1026 review part 1

Started by gibson57guy, 05/08/2003 04:15PM
Posted 05/08/2003 04:15PM Opening Post
Burgess 102f6 Observing Report
Date: April 23, 2003, Time: 9-11pm, Temp: 40 F 5C, Location: Chatham, Ont Canada, Skies: Mag 3-4,
Scope: Burgess 1026f6, Mount: Skywatcher AZ/3 mount, Eyepieces: Celestron Eyepiece Kit… 32mm, 15mm, 9mm, 6mm, 4mm….Filters: Orion Skyglow filter.
Light Pollution: Moderate .. I live in the heart of a city with a population of 40,000. This is where I do 99% of my observing so this is where I wanted to test from.
Orion Nebula
32mm: Some Nebula… Very pretty.. set up nicely in background.
15mm: 4 stars easily seen in centre….More nebulae and whispy
9mm: Nebulae filled the eyepiece nicely.
6mm: Sky glow filter was really working well… Lots of whisp….. I would have like to hang here for a while longer but chose to move on. No unwanted color was detectible.
32mm: This was very nice.. various stars showed their color well! I wanted to see a nice wide cluster as this is what this scope is supposed to excel at…. It didn’t disappoint !! I didn’t bother to use any smaller eyepieces as this is a large open cluster best seen as just that.
32mm: 1 moon and Saturn was just a blob…. No color fringing
15mm: Tiny smidge of color.. Rings were showing.
9 mm: Very Crisp… Could detect one band on the planet… Rings more defined but still no Cassini Division…. ( am I mistaken or is the Cassini division harder to see with any scope now?)
6 mm: Still Very Crisp. Could detect Cassini Division. Some color out of focus but virtually none in focus.
4mm: Detected cap on planet. Still no color to speak of.
Alphard in Hydra
I chose this star to do a star test on…. Could only use 6mm as could only defocus one way while using the 4mm:
It star tested quite well… I think I detected that it was just a wee bit our of collimation… Other than that the rings were very even on both sides of focus… No sign of pinched optics or anything strange like that but there was some color only out of focus
32mm: Just a blob and 4 moons. Two looked like they were on top of each other.
15mm: 2 bands & caps….. no color detectable
9mm: More detail in bands… light purple halo… and I do mean light:
6mm: Color started to show a little more but still had to pay attention to see it. Jupitor was still fairly crisp and didn’t mush out.
4mm: Color was noticable but not objectionable.. ( this is a test to am being picky ). Lots of detail… Again I wanted to hang around here for a while and did!!
I looked at a couple of other open star clusters such as the beehive…. This scope really does excel at nice wide views…. It’s funny that we always want to test it on planets.

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Mark V
Posted 05/10/2003 09:06AM #1

When did you receive your scope? Is Burgess finally shipping them? I was one of the first 100 to order and am anxiously awaiting delivery. Bill Burgess told me he was thinking of shipping the first few orders directly to the buyers himself to reward the people who were first in line (perhaps the first 5-10). The rest will be sent to Anacortes for shipment based on order. Glad to hear it is all it is expected. Enjoy.