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burgess 8x60

Started by qc, 04/15/2003 05:30AM
Posted 04/15/2003 05:30AM Opening Post
Does anybody have the specification of burgess 8x60 binos? Do they have any 10x binos? Would 8x60 be suitable for Astro?
Posted 04/15/2003 06:22AM #1
If you are a cat or a Great Horned Owl the 7.5 mm exit pupil 8x60 binoculars will be right for you. However for most people the large exit pupil will result in wasted aperture. 12x is a good magnification balanced for 60 mm objectives as they will give you a still large, but more appropriate 5 mm exit pupil. A 5 mm exit pupil is great for astronomy and more than large enough for any daylight use.

For most people, an 8x42 or 10x42 is the largest you will need for daytime use for most applications.

For astronomy I would not drop the magnification any lower that 10x with 60 mm binoculars. My personal preference based upon my days with a 7 mm exit pupil being years in the past.

Barry Simon
Posted 04/17/2003 01:22PM #2
Guess what? I just found a CARL ZEISS JENA JENOPTEM MULTICOATED, 10x50W, used one. about $100.00 with leather case. I am not sure about the quality of this particular one, since i haven't seen it. The only thing I have is its serial number: 5599632. Could it mean anything?