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Burgess Optical Hype

Started by tomhole, 11/20/2004 08:56AM
Posted 11/20/2004 08:56AM Opening Post
It all comes down to talking about stuff before it's time. Bill, TMB, TomD and a few others are complicate in this endeavor and are likely causing more harm than good. If Bill Burgess is to survive in the midst of all this controversy, all he need do is produce a product and let it speak for itself. Do what Orion does and keep your mouth shut until the product is shipping. The ED80 just came out, people bought it, people reported it was good and now lots of people are buying it. Even in the midst of this business model, the Equipment Talk forum was rife with ED80 naysayers, who are now silent. What we are seeing here is what happens when there is no product, only specualtion, or when there is only a prototype. It means everyone gets to throw darts at TomD and TMB until the production units ship and that means a feeding frenzy.

I know that it is difficult, but just stop talking about new products until they ship.

I can talk about the 127. If I were in the market for a 5 inch achro, I would get a 127. Good optics on mine. Useless finder. Ok mechanicals. The package deal is a good value.

I can talk about the Burgess Binoviewers. These are Binomates at $100 less and include a pair of decent ep's. Good value for SCT owners and folks that are interested in planetary and lunar work (or higher power DSO work).

Haven't tried anything else yet.