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Burgess Site Update?? WHEN??

Started by paulccsi, 04/10/2003 03:03PM
Posted 04/10/2003 03:03PM Opening Post
When is the Burgess Site going to be updated? I'd like to know the final specs on the 102mm F/6, prior to its arrival.
I thought that Bill was running a special on some new 2" eyepieces?? The only info anyone is getting on the new scopes are their proposed arrival date of late April.
I'm starting to wonder whether we will even see them by then! Posts to Bill on the Yahoo groups site about products, and Specifications on the new scopes have gone unanswered!!
Posted 04/18/2003 10:26PM #1
I would suggest you go to his site, get his number and call him..... He will unload a wealth of information for you and answer any questions you may have and more...

I know because I've done just that...

Mark v