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Burgess SWA EPs

Started by fblue, 07/03/2004 10:42PM
Posted 07/03/2004 10:42PM | Edited 07/03/2004 10:43PM Opening Post
Well, I have not had any dealings with Mr. Burgess, but I did get a chance to do a little beta testing of his new SWA and WA EPs.
I was very pleased with the 32mm SWA for suggested price of $69! It was very close to a 35mm Panoptic in quality of view. It rivaled the 31mm Nagler ror edge to edge in my f/4.9 DOB and it had great through put and color rendition. I thought it was better than the WA EPs bu a bit and better than the 16mm too.
If his other EPs in the UWA and Maximum are as good as that 2" EP, I just might buy a set.

[SIZE="Large"][/SIZE][COLOR="Blue"][/COLOR] Floyd Blue grin
Amateur Imager
Posted 07/05/2004 10:10AM #1
Hi Floyd. I had the opportunity to try out the Burgess 20mm SWA and really liked it as well. When they are in stock, I definitely plan to buy a set of the Burgess SWA's... (Scott)