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Change of trend

Started by fblue, 10/11/2004 10:02AM
Posted 10/11/2004 10:02AM | Edited 10/11/2004 10:02AM Opening Post
How about people discussing the 127mm Burgess that has seemingly good optics. Or other products that they are happy with, so that a bit more perspective is put on the picture.
I am not really interested in what "Might be" or "In the works", but rather what "Has been made".
I can state that I have seen "DOGS" from a few different manufacturers slip through the cracks. grin

[SIZE="Large"][/SIZE][COLOR="Blue"][/COLOR] Floyd Blue grin
Amateur Imager
Posted 10/11/2004 07:06PM #1
Hi Floyd. You have expressed exactly what I was thinking has gotten lost in all of these posts. (Except for the finder scope), the Burgess 1278 OTA is a nice Chinese-sourced achromat IMO. I've been impressed with mine. Others who have looked through it seemed to like it as well. Nothing fancy, just a nice 127mm F8 achro that I'm greatly enjoying... (Scott)