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Chinese Scopes at NEAF

Started by jkurtz555, 05/10/2006 07:15AM
Posted 05/10/2006 07:15AM | Edited 05/10/2006 07:17AM Opening Post
Man, is NEAF great or what...when you can have face-to-face equipment discussions with Roland Christen (truly a character) or discuss reviews with Tom Trusock (very nice guy). The good news from NEAF is that it appears refractors larger than 80mm will be coming by fall. What was most striking to me was the excellent fit and finish of new Chinese scopes. There seems to be a "designer scope" mentality with a huge array of colors (although nobody produces a Celestron gray...surprising considering how many of these refractors end up as guidescopes on SCT's) also the new dual speed focusers that seem to be standard are of high quality. The only downside to all this is...there appears to be one company that is producing scopes for although there are numerous brands...the scopes appear to be similar or the same.
Well, I'm hoping for that 90-110mm refractor for the fall and I can't wait!
Posted 05/13/2006 06:36AM #1
I am hoping to see more offerings in the 90mm + range myself.

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