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Do you know Bill and or Tammy Burgess?

Started by administrator, 11/22/2004 07:18PM
Posted 11/22/2004 07:18PM Opening Post
Well Bill says that someone here is his friend and lets Bill/Tammy log in with his account and I said something bad about Bill.
Please help me find what I said that was bad about Bill/Tammy and forward it to them - please cc me so I can see it too.
Now the deal is don't send them what someone SAID I said about Bill or Tammy or Burgess Optical but what I said time stamped from AstroMart or any private email you may have.
I think I deserve to see what it was since I am being hung.
BTW allowing someone to use your account will result in expulsion and i will just need to do a duplicate IP search unless you want to contact me in private.
Thank you
Posted 11/22/2004 07:52PM | Edited 11/22/2004 07:53PM #1
Bill is still welcome to a free account for the time he needs/wants it to address me or any "issue" he wishes
Posted 11/22/2004 11:30PM #2
You have got to be kidding! That is a bunch of baloney. >sad
It sure seems to me that there is a mighty thin skinned person in this forum. It would not upset me if they lost their account for not abiding by the rules. smile

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