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Started by wress, 01/18/2006 07:02AM
Posted 01/18/2006 07:02AM Opening Post

Got the final word from BO that no additional "promised extras" will be made available for the 1026's. I received the 2" diagonal some time ago. Gave up on any objective replacement options way long ago. I was hanging on to hope for a microfocuser though. Wanted to get that installed before getting it ready for sale.

Even though it was a great deal overall, I still think BO should have come through with their promise. I bought the scope "as is" with respect to the lens, but was told it would be outfitted with the originally promised accessories. BO cited that only 50 scopes were sold (out of 200 manufactured - others returned to China) so not enough to justify cost. Strange logic to me.

Well, time to modify it so binoviewer can be used with 2" diagonal. Will require cutting tube by ~2" and drawtube of focuser by ~3". Also plan to adjust internal baffels (removed step down baffle when I got the scope) so both function properly at full aperture. Probably will flock as well. Made a couple aperture masks (62mm & 72mm) which greatly improve the planetary/lunar performance. Also drilled holes in the focuser knobs to create "spokes", and converted finder scope to 90 degree. Looks better.

When the final changes are done it will be a decent low power binoviewer capable scope with modest planetary/lunar capability. At that point I won't mind selling it "as is".

Clear skies,

Posted 01/22/2006 10:46AM #1
I seem to remember that Antares Instruments has a 105 mm. diameter achromat "elite" series [supposedly from the supplier for Vixen] at around f 6.6.

I have purchased two achromat lenses from them and they're both excellent; one 80 mm. f 11 and one 102 mm. f 15.

James Adams
Posted 01/29/2006 12:13PM | Edited 01/29/2006 12:14PM #2
I find this very distressing. Not that I had any
immediate plans to, but now I will never do
business with, or purchase anything from, Burgess

I can forgive the vaporware issue - they just jump
the gun before they've got the actual product ready.
No harm done to anyone. However, when it comes to
selling a flawed product with promised fixes,
then simply dropping the promises - well, that's
just unethical business practice. I could never
trust anyone who treats customers that way.

Shame on Bill Burgess!

"Don't drop the banana!"
"Why not?"
"Good source of potassium!"