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Ideas on a Mount for the 127mm Refractor

Started by chgo51, 02/23/2003 02:49PM
Posted 02/23/2003 02:49PM Opening Post
Any suggestions on a new or used mount for the 5" refractor?
I too have just preordered the 5" rfeactor.
Posted 02/23/2003 04:56PM #1
Hi Larry

From what I understand and suitable mount is also in the works. The Burgess GEM1 will work fine for the 102 F6. However the 127 F8 is a larger scope and pushing the limimts of the mount. Bill is telling me that the heavier mount will be available in May, it will be a GEM style BTW.

If the wait is a problem, a Meade LXD55 GEM should work. It may not be up to the task for the AR6 and 10SN scopes, but do seem to work for the 8 SCT, 8SN and AR5. Although with the added hieght of the refractor requires a taller more stable tripod would be desireable.

In talking with Bill Burgess, the new mount will have a suitable tripod as well, which could make it worth the wait.