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Latest Item-Quartz Diagonals

Started by jkurtz555, 04/01/2006 05:33AM
Posted 04/01/2006 05:33AM | Edited 04/01/2006 07:24AM Opening Post
Noticed that "Quartz" Dielectic Diagonals are now being made available
for $189 complete with performance test report...seems whatever WO is offering...someone else is offering (at what appears to be) the same product for allot less. Amazing times to be in this hobby. BTW, BO will be offering a similar (if not the same) product'll be interesting to see how the price points match up.
Posted 04/01/2006 11:25AM #1
Quartz, fused silica, can achieve a higher polish than Pyrex as it has a tighter molecular matrix. It also has less expansion and contraction with temperature changes.
So, it could be a benefit, but I am not sure that it would make any real difference at the eye due to it being in a star diagonal.

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Posted 04/01/2006 11:27AM #2
It has no advantage in a star diagonal, other than it sounds sexy and is the darling of marketeers. For primary mirrors in Newtonians or maksutovs, it has some advantages as far as cooldown, but in the 2" sizes of a typical star diagonal there are no cooldown issues. As far as accuracy, for a 2" size, one can put high accuracy surfaces on just about any substrate, be it quartz, Sital, pyrex, and even plate glass.