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Need Binoviewer Info

Started by jke47348, 02/04/2005 01:29PM
Posted 02/04/2005 01:29PM Opening Post

Got a Binoviewer question. I also posted a similar question in the Binoviewer forum.

I just took a good look at the Highpoint Scientific listing for the BV-125. According to HS, they are selling the "C" model of the binoviewers which looks to have some nice (needed) improvements.

1) It looks like you replaced the single metal set screw with 3 nylon set screws. To my mind this would make collimating the EPs easier when focussing for mismatched eyes.

2) HS says that the "C" model has a full 22mm CA. I would assume that this means that the nosepiece baffle has been removed/replaced.

Bill, can you confirm this info for me?

JK Edwards

Clear Skies,

Nexstar 8i
6" f/8 Dob
Orion ST80
Binos: 7x35, 10x50, 11x70
Posted 02/06/2005 06:00AM #1

Is your question directed to Bill Burgesss? If so, I don't think he posts here anymore. He posts occassionally on the Yahoo Burgess Refractor group. You may want to email him directly at his web site or just call him.....

Erik D
Posted 02/07/2005 07:02AM #2
Bill "never" did post here...

If you can't get an answer from Bill ( e-mail or phone-call) I would e-mail Highpoint... they may both be busy trying to get ready for the WSP though...

Mark V