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New Burgess 93MM Flourite Refractor Is a Beauty!

Started by jkurtz555, 08/11/2004 08:03AM
Posted 08/11/2004 08:03AM | Edited 08/11/2004 08:05AM Opening Post
I was surprised this AM to find a picture of the new flourite refractor in my mailbox. This scope appears to have much, much higher fit, finish and mechanicals than the Orion 100MM ED and at a lower if the optics are as good as advertised this will be a killer scope at a killer price ($899). This could finally be an example of Bill producing something extraordinary...I for one can't wait for some reviews when this product gets released.
Posted 08/12/2004 09:09PM | Edited 08/12/2004 09:11PM #1
I believe this is a picture of the 90mm and 60mm fluorite scopes.

I think the 60mm would make an awesome finder.

David Simons

David Simons